Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Impulse Buying


Its a bugger, it really is. I merely pop online to make sure that my Everqueen price estimate in my previous post was roughly correct and I find something, the great temptation, a Porsche for the price of a Vauxhall...

Apparently searching for "Everqueen" in Ebay's search bar also turns up Maidenguard, in my case a whole mess of them. I saw 20 of the old Gary Morely sculpts, with full command up for £65. Barely believing it, I put in a starting big for a laugh and then forgot about it. Imagine how shocked I was when I get a confirmation email through that I have won the auction...

No one else bid and I won, almost unintentionally, to be honest. I didn't even want to spend £65 at that particular point but I was not about to let these lovelies slip by. This now leaves me with somewhat of a dilemma, the Maidenguard have no place in the army lists I have written and I now rather desperately want to paint them. A little voice in the back of the head is saying: 

"Just do one, it will be a nice diversion from your project and then you can get right back to it"

However I have dealt with this little bastard before and know exactly what he is up to. Currently my resolution is holding strong, mostly because I have not had time to paint anything at all after an Ikea frenzy. A frenzy that has amongst other things landed me with a spangly new desk and dedicated painting area. Still, assembling a painting area almost counts as painting right? I wonder how many points that would technically class as?

So, fuck all then.

I may well compromise and paint my Everqueen as a mage in the army, I have always wanted one so meh, it might be a good way of shutting up evil me. It would also only be one miniature for me to paint in an otherwise busy month.

I do have one concern about the Maidenguard though, while some look exactly as I would expect a few are quite....shiny. They might have just had a really rough strip job (eek) but I am worrying it might be a recast. If anyone has an opinion or experience please let me know.

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  1. So, that´s what afflicts me... Impulse Buying Syndrome... :) Cheers!