Sunday, 31 January 2016

Target missed!

Mission Failed. 

I have not hit my 100 point target this month. First poor showing of the campaign but not the end of the war.

I have successfully painted 4.5 sea guard and a selection of bases to be used in the future. A rather pitiful 63 points, plus whatever some bases are worth. There are a whole host of excuses that prevented me from attaining gaming nirvana this month but I will not bore you with them here, suffice to say I will have more work to do in the coming months.

Onward and upwards

Talking of the future; my High Elf army may well change in composition over the coming weeks,  Weazil from has mentioned that he may be running a 4th edition game at BOYL 2016, which is something I would love to take part in. As regular readers will know I do like a bit of 4th (or is that 5th?) edition Warhammer Fantasy. However it would require a rejig in army lists as a lord character must be chosen in the later editions, it is Hero Hammer after all.

The core units of halberd armed melee infantry, archers, cavalry and scouts will likely remain because of the flexibility and flavor they provide. The main questions that puzzle me most are: Can I fit in a bolt thrower and where to put the general? Make a mega unit with the Silver Helms, have him on a monster by himself or lounge around with the infantry? I am leaning towards sticking him on a Pegasus but that might be a bit expensive. When I know more about, points and magic item distribution I can think in more detail.

The legion grows

Of course during this quiet month my purchasing urges have not diminished. I picked up a quintet of High Elven characters on the Old Hammer Trading Group, in fairness this caught my eye for two reasons: 1, It was a tenner and 2, had the Everqueen in. Alarielle is one expensive lady and is going for £25 on ebay BIN's which is normally too rich for my stingy self. The others were an archer champion that I have liked the look of for years, a Gary Morely mounted hero and a marauder standard and musician.

I had always thought the marauder stuff was.... stocky but standing next to Jes Goodwins seaguard they just simply do not look Elven. More so a rather butch pair of humans playing dress up. I think these will go back on sale at some point soon, I just cannot see myself wanting to paint them. Should anyone want to pick them up from me please let me know.

I did possess the Everqueen before at some point in the mists of time, god knows where she went but I now have a duplicate and am inordinately happy about it. This means any army I now run will include a Mage on foot, so I can use the miniature. She, along with the archer champion has been stripped and are currently being prepped for painting.

Where to go from here?

I am going to take a break from painting Seaguard once the 10th member of the unit is complete, mainly to mix things up and have a break but also to allow me to get the Shadow warriors unit up to a legal 5 many unit and get cracking on the other ranged elements of my army. I am currently trying to resist the kid at Christmas approach of wanting to paint Alarielle, instead I will use her as a reward after getting a shit load of archers done instead. This also gives me some time to learn how to paint shear material which will not necessarily expose the Evernips™ but just break up the monotony of a green dress because I suck at freehanding designs.

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