Monday, 28 December 2015

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As readers of this blog will know, I am an avid proponent of Warhammer Fantasy Batlle 4th and 5th edition, which often does not get the love I feel it deserves. The wealth of background information, army books and campaign packs really help complete the image of the Warhammer world for me. However, the main rule set is not a patch on Warhammer Fantasy 3rd edition.

Most races are well represented in Warhammer armies. Dwarves have their many different varieties of hardcore infantry with lots of warmachines, Chaos is its wonderfully varied self, Dark Elves have their signature Cold ones and Witch Elves but once again the High Elves get the shaft a little. Especially with Kithbands, Warrior Kindreds and Ships Companies being more or less the same things with only minor equipment differences, I thought it was time to spice things up a bit and have a controlled merging of generations.


What I didn't want to do is to make the army better; no that way lies madness and power gaming, this is not the way to fun gaming for everyone. My goal is simply to add variety. Every pro will be suitably counteracted with a con such as additional points cost or restrictions.

I will use the experience system in Warhammer armies to designate statistics and will not deviate from that. If a bit of extra variety is needed then skills from the Warhammer 3rd edition rule book will be used.


I am leafing through the 5th edition and most rules heavy High Elf army book ever created. While it is great and characterful it is also very fussy, with countless special rules for each unit type. Not what I want but excellent inspiration for background etc. so I will work through one army list entry at a time.

Dragon Princes of Caledor

Noble Elves that are descended from those that once (or some that still do) ride dragons. The kin of Kings and blatant warmongers. These arrogant little bastards do little other than train their martial skills and swoosh around in a superior manner so in my mind they have to be +4 Elites, the best that can be fielded but will only ever ride on their little dragons (horses) fully equipped and armoured. I imagine anyone that tells them different will be met with sneers and sarcastic remarks. As they are elite troops, they need to be restricted, tying them to the amount of dragon riders in the army seems like a sensible idea, helping give that Caledorian theme.

Silver Helms

Already described admirably by Warhammer Armies for 3rd Edition Pg 48. This has been uploaded by some kind soul for your convenience here

Ellyrion Reavers

Already described admirably in Warhammer Armies for 3rd Edition Pg 48 as Shore Riders.

White lions

Rugged woodsmen that have a reputation as brave and capable warriors, often used as bodyguards for important people. While they spend much of their time in the field as lumberjacks and monster slayers par excellence, not all of their skills are based on fighting despite their ferocious reputation . I would make them +3 Elites, with the Foresters skill. Often used as the bodyguards of Important Elves, their availability depends on the amount of higher level characters also present.

Phoenix Guard

The Phoenix Guard protect the Shrine of Asuryan, they are well trained and drilled, sworn to a magically induced silence and spend long periods of time on guard duty. They have never been represented as exceptionally powerful and occasionally causing fear due to being unnervingly quiet. However, this is not an option that is available within the restrictions I have set myself and moving outside of these starts the slippery slope toward power gaming. The best fit within the parameters is as +2 Elites with no additional special rules.


Messengers of the white tower, secret agents who root out spies and agents of the chaos gods, these guys are martial artists that have no peers. Able to use a greatsword as others wields a butter knife, they have to be +4 Elites. No other rules really fit them or are really required, they will go through what ever enemies are in front of them like a hot knife through butter. Most often they are used as the hand of the white tower, directed by Wizards and Seers to intervene at critical points. Because of this their restriction would tie them with Mages on the table.

Lothern Seaguard

Already described admirably in Warhammer Armies for 3rd Edition Pg 49 as Merchant Companies


 Already described admirably in Warhammer Armies for 3rd Edition Pg 49 as Kithband etc.

Shadow Warriors

Already described admirably in Warhammer Armies for 3rd Edition Pg 50 as Seekers.


Already described admirably in Warhammer Armies for 3rd Edition Pg 49.

Shut Down

I had forgotten how bad at using Photoshop I am so the cards are not perfect but they present a general idea. If you have any ideas, comments or rotten tomatoes to throw, please let em now what you think!


  1. Nice work. I might use this info in the 3rd edition army builder data files. With your permission of course.

    1. Hi Dreamfish please feel free. These were put up with the idea to be useful to people!

  2. This is great! As a High Elf player in 4E, and someone just getting into 3E this is a really useful post to help me think about how my 3rd edition list can be built. Especially as I play a Caledor themed army, with a Lord mounted on a Dragon and a small unit of Dragonprince Cavalry waiting to be painted :)